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“A child is an extension of ourselves. A little of us, and a lot of him or her. A child is the most beautiful gift in the world.”

Poids Plume was born of the desire to bring a dash of style into the world of today’s parenting experience. We design and make fashionable bedding and accessories that appeal to moms’ and dads’ tastes as well as meeting their little ones’ needs by providing superb comfort. Our fascination for the world of childhood and our instincts are our guide in creating original products. Poids Plume cares about bringing you beautiful, quality items that you’ll love using to cuddle your little one.

All items in our Poids Plume bedding lines and organic layette sets are individually hand-printed, and inspired both by nature and a modern urban esthetic. They feature simple, uncluttered graphics in soothing, lively colours that suggest freedom and happiness and blend harmoniously with contemporary home furnishings.

As soon as your newborn arrives, wrap her up in softness and purity. Our specially selected organically grown cotton will provide better protection for baby’s delicate skin. We use a natural flax-cotton blend for our bedding with a rich, elegant look and feel that is all-too-often absent in babies’ surroundings today. Caring for the environment is a value that we take to heart and want to convey through our products. We use water-based dyes for our prints that are non-toxic to your child and less harmful to the planet.

All our Poids Plume products are hand-made in Québec. More and more people appreciate products that are locally designed and manufactured. When you buy our creations, you do so with the knowledge that you are supporting a company that is part of an extended community of Québec craftspeople and small-scale manufacturers.

Poids Plume: a designer vision to enhance the connection between baby’s room and the rest of the home.