Poids Plume is proud to offer innovative Quebec products based on SKAL certified organic cotton, sustainable and ecological materials.

Your child will spend more than 60% of his new life sleeping in his bed during his first year. So there is no better environment for him than natural fibers, comfortable and safe. Organic cotton is an extremely healthy and odoriferous fiber. A material that is both strong and soft and has excellent absorbency.

When we are hot the pores of our skin open, making us more vulnerable to surrounding toxins. The newborn’s body is only beginning to regulate its temperature, so it is more likely to be affected. In this context, it is therefore essential that the materials that come into contact with the baby’s skin are of natural origin and if possible organic.


Organic cotton respects the environment and it is cultivated according to biological techniques fixed by numerous charters. It is certified without GMO. The absence of chemical pesticide and dye makes it pleasant to touch this cotton which is totally hypoallergenic.

25% of the pesticides used on the planet are dumped on cotton plantations, resulting in devastating effects on our ecosystem and on the health of the populations (degradation the quality of the land, the air, the water and the health of people). Favoring the cultivation of organic cotton stimulates biodiversity and healthier ecosystems, improves soil quality, requires less water and prevents contamination of the water table.

In order to earn organic certification, organic cotton is grown on a living soil where, for the past three years, growth promoters, insecticides, pesticides and chemical herbicides have not been used.

In order to maintain optimal soil fertility, organic growers rely on agro-ecological methods to control the proliferation of pests and weeds.

Cotton from these crops must meet international organic production standards. These production standards also set very strict regulations for transport and storage, in order to avoid contamination with non-organic cotton.


As another material, a blend of linen and cotton is also used in the making of feather bedding. Flax cultivation uses fewer chemicals in its production cycle and gives a stronger, more durable fiber.


Our prints are made by hand, piece by piece. We only use water-based pigment dyes with low ecological impact. Pigmentary dyes are known for their softness as they penetrate deeper into the fabric and barely leave a texture to the touch. It is also a way of printing that requires less water, no washing or rinsing depending on the print job. Our impressions are well fixed and resistant to washing.

Better for the planet, better for your baby!