Poids Plume is proud to market innovative made-in-Québec products made of SKAL-certified organic cotton and other long-lasting, eco-friendly materials.

During the first year of his young life, your new arrival will spend 60% of his time sleeping. What better environment for baby than natural fibres that are comfortable and safe? Organically grown cotton is an extremely sound fibre with a pleasing natural fragrance—a material that’s tough and gentle at the same time, and highly absorbent.

When our bodies are warm, the pores of our skin open up, which makes us more vulnerable to toxins in our immediate surroundings. And with your baby’s body only just beginning to regulate its temperature properly, it’s more likely to be affected. As a result, it’s vital that any materials that come in contact with baby’s skin be natural and, if possible, organic.

About organically grown cotton

Organic cotton is respectful of the environment and grown using organic methods that are strictly defined by several different charters. It is certified GMO-free. No chemical pesticides our colouring agents are used, so it’s pleasant to the touch, and completely anallergic.

Fully one-quarter of the pesticides used on the planet are sprayed onto cotton plantations, and this has a devastating impact on ecosystems as well as public health: soil, air and water quality all deteriorate, and so does people’s health. Harvesting organic cotton stimulates biodiversity and healthier ecosystems, improves soil quality, uses less water and keeps groundwater from becoming contaminated.

To be certified organic, cotton must be grown in living soil on which no chemical growth stimulants, insecticides, pesticides or herbicides have been used for at least three years.

To maintain optimum soil fertility, growers of organic crops use agro-ecological methods to curb the proliferation of insect pests and weeds.

Cotton harvested this way must comply with international production standards. Those standards also impose very strict regulatory contexts for transportation and storage, to prevent contamination by cotton that is not organically grown.

About our flax-cotton blend

A blend of flax and cotton is also used as a secondary fabric to manufacture Poids Plume bedding. Our flax is grown using fewer chemicals in the production cycle, and the result is a stronger, longer-lasting fibre.

Kinder, gentler printing

We do all our printing by hand, piece by piece, using only water-based pigments with low ecological impact. These pigments are known to be gentle-acting, penetrating deeper into fabric and leaving a texture you can barely feel. Printing this way also uses less water, because no washing or rinsing is needed after the printing is done. The dye binds strongly to the fabric and is more resistant in the wash.

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