As soon as your newborn arrives, wrap it with sweetness and purity. The organic cotton that we have chosen will better protect the delicate skin of your child.

Our baby envelope will become an indispensable item for you and your baby. Thanks to its diamond-shaped shape, swaddling your baby will seem child’s play.

To know the secrets of swaddling …
Why swaddle? | For a better swaddling | Swaddle baby …. a breeze!

Natural color, softness and simplicity …

100% organic cotton of quality, SKAL certified. Summer and winter, neither too hot nor too cold, but certainly cozy.

Product: Cut:  Price:
blanket unique 35,00
pajamas 0-3 / 3-6 / 6-12 40,00
sleeper 0-3 / 3-6 38,00
cap newborn / 3-6 15,00
gig 0-6 m 68,00
gig 6-18m 75.00

Pajamas and sleepers are comfortable clothes for baby, to wear as indoor clothing or at night.
The sleeper allows Mom to change the diaper easily and gives the baby enough ease to move the legs and bring them back to him. The sleepers are made long enough to cover the feet and keep warm, just as the reversible sleeves keep small handcuffs warm.
The swaddling blankets are an ideal size to facilitate baby’s swaddling.

Why swaddle?

The technique of swaddling newborns has been used since the dawn of time. All
mothers can attest to the “miracle” of swaddling.
It secures your child while reproducing the soft and comfortable sensation of his prenatal life.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep peacefully on the back, the position recommended by pediatricians.

Swaddling helps your baby sleep longer as it reduces the risk of awakenings due to sudden movements of a hand or leg (reflexes or bursts.) Swaddling keeps your baby’s face uncovered.

For a better swaddling

The natural position of a baby is with arms folded along the body, hands toward shoulders and legs flexed. Embrace in this position without trying to keep it straight. Also, be sure to leave your hands so that baby can suck them if he feels like it. Pediatricians strongly recommend letting the child have access to his hands to allow him to comfort himself.

Swaddle your baby tight, but be careful not to stop him from breathing properly. You must always be able to pass a hand between the blanket and the baby’s chest.
The swaddling should be tight and not lather.

This awesome cover has been designed to allow you a sweater easier!

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