As soon as your newborn arrives, wrap him up in softness and purity. Our specially selected organic cotton provides superior protection for baby’s delicate skin. You’ll find our baby wraps indispensable for both you and your child.

Their distinctive diamond-point shape makes swaddling your baby child’s play!

The secrets of swaddling. . .

Natural colour, softness and simplicity

Quality, 100% organic cotton, SKAL-certified. Summer or winter, never too warm or too cold—but always cosy.

Product: Size: Price:
blanket One size $35.00
pyjama 0-3/ 3-6/ 6-9/ 9-12 $40.00
sleeper 0-3/ 3-6 $40.00
goblin hat newborn/ 3 month $15.00

Our pyjamas and sleepers are super-cosy sleepwear for baby, perfect for indoors, day- or night-time.
The sleep sack is designed to let you change diapers easily, and it’s roomy enough for baby to move around and pull her legs up toward her. Our sleep sack are made very long to cover the feets and keep them warm, You can also roll down the sleeves to make sure her little hands don’t get cold.
Our swaddling blankets are perfectly sized to make wrapping baby easy

Why swaddle?

Swaddling newborns has been a favoured practice for thousands of years. Mothers everywhere can attest to the “miracles” of swaddling:

  • It keeps baby secure and approximates the gentle and comfortable sensations of life in the womb.
  • It helps baby sleep soundly on his back, the position that pediatricians recommend.
  • It helps baby stay asleep longer, because it lowers the risk of being jolted awake by reflex hand or leg movements.
  • It keeps baby’s face uncovered.

The best way to swaddle

Baby’s natural sleeping position is on her back with arms at her sides but forearms pointing up toward the shoulders, and legs slightly bent. Swaddle baby in this position without trying to hold her straight. Make sure to leave the hands free so that baby can suck her thumb if she wants to. Pediatricians now strongly recommend that babies be allowed to bring their hands to their mouth and soothe themselves.

Wrap baby up fairly tightly, but make sure she can breathe without difficulty. Always make sure you can slide one hand between the blanket and baby’s chest.

In other words: tight, but not too tight.

This ingenious blanket is specially designed to help make swaddling as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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